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sobota, 10 listopada 2012

Tubeco amp - the Dexter's syndrome

Finally Eryk S got Facebooked > Eryk S Concept on FB

First, you have to pick a bottle of wine packed in a nice wooden box.
Second, you try to drink the whole wine with...choose your best way.
Third, you Do Your Concept - D.Y.C. - for sure not immediately after parting with wine, when the deathly risk of electric shock seems not to be a matter of great concern.

This is Single Ended amplifier design, meaning one tube pulls all the signal per channel. The bigger bottle present on the front works as preamplifing stage. I went for the most powerful tubes as for their small size. They were made in USSR - military version 6P14P-EV pentode (14Watts of anode dissipation power) and in pre 6SN7GTB double triode, mostly desired by music fans and still produced today.

The Tubeco's circuit is as simple as it gets. Applied here is a point to point connection, great for easy tweaks, when you have permanent Dexter syndrome.

All you have to do is to connect the source and the speakers, power on and adjust the volume, ENJOY.