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piątek, 31 października 2014

Eryk S Concept in DENMARK

Next report from Denmark's Hi-End Show with Eryk S Concept super stereo sets!

"Studio Sound surprised everyone and everything by bringing new amplifier and digital gear. The latter is a natural extension of Studio Sounds many years of experience with digital sound, but tube amps from Eryk S Concept, and the associated Ketsus speakers were a bit of a surprise. The Red King was now no more analog, than that it coul...d receive a bluetooth signal, and it had plenty of power to kick life into speakers and deliver a nice sound pressure! Combined with a very varied taste in music from Karsten and Bjarke. SOtM gear was a SMS 1000 media server and a SDP DAC / preamp which then drove straight into the power section of the Red King Amplifier. In true Studio Sound spirit, things were compact but great sounding and Ketsus speaker fitted well both in size and sound to the surroundings."

Full report


sobota, 20 września 2014

The forgotten one...


Instead of revealing new and newest models today we would like to serve you a little sentimental journey from the past, when people had to build things by their own hand using their own head, draw blueprints, test the analog ways of reproducing music.

Hereby I present you Mr Mazurek, who before WWII designed tube radios for Philips in Poland, because one of Phlilips' main factory was also placed in Warsaw, beside headoffice situated in Eindhoven. The stories told by him about building wood cases for radios, developing top transformers, checking tubes reliability and so on took us many hours, hours of journey in time...

I Eryk Smólski had the real pleasure to interview him almost ten years ago, when he was 93 and still getting to his repair office every working day. Man of work. Man of great talent & heart - the forgotten one. After the war he began to teach electronic science and opened his own place to service the audio gear. He struggled during comunism era, having family on his own. Deep, nostalgic voice of his could be heard, when prewar Warsaw emerged from stories, the Paris of North, as europeans used to call our capitol once.

Today you can exclusively take a look at his service desk, see how everything was placed in certain way, order can be seen everywhere - this is the old school at its best! He was my dear friend. I wish there were still such true and honest people around us. Thank you.



wtorek, 8 lipca 2014

New boys in town

Photos on FB < CLICK

Today Superioros have paid a visit to super-modern in design barbershop called "u fryzjerów". Art, music, creation all put together in one place, right place to start your journey in Warsaw.

sobota, 31 maja 2014

RED KING Premium on board!

This is RED KING premium - made in same premium finish as Suprioro set (white + piano ebony).

We have optimised dual power supply, which is totally separated for right & left channel and can work in all world's AC voltage standards.

The new bluetooth is on board - this newest BT 4.0 goes in lossless streaming fashion to cancel distortions in sound and this really works. It sounds as good as your best CD can do and needs no pin code.

Power transformers are double (cooper/steel) shielded to minimize hum.

The main wood boards are 20mm thick and covered in high gloss on both sides.

The circuit is executed in point to point, pcb and smd method - depens on temperature ratio, power due to current and function of each internal submodule.

We go with premium parts, WIMA, NICHICON, DALE and so on...

In this version we have also minimized the harmonic distortions, so finnally you get more for less (2 x 12 Watts in PSE ultra-linear mode. New output transformers).

Power, source selection and volume + mute are remote controlled.
Dimensions: 27 x 39 x 19cm / 15kg


czwartek, 3 kwietnia 2014

Ok, so today we would like to present the Brighton WAS'2014 Audio Show, on which our products gained highest interest.

This was a world premiere of our newest Superior Superioro set, additionally enforced by Ketsus & Red King amp.

Eryk S on audio show

czwartek, 23 stycznia 2014