Elegant design concepts & high fidelity audio

piątek, 31 października 2014

Eryk S Concept in DENMARK

Next report from Denmark's Hi-End Show with Eryk S Concept super stereo sets!

"Studio Sound surprised everyone and everything by bringing new amplifier and digital gear. The latter is a natural extension of Studio Sounds many years of experience with digital sound, but tube amps from Eryk S Concept, and the associated Ketsus speakers were a bit of a surprise. The Red King was now no more analog, than that it coul...d receive a bluetooth signal, and it had plenty of power to kick life into speakers and deliver a nice sound pressure! Combined with a very varied taste in music from Karsten and Bjarke. SOtM gear was a SMS 1000 media server and a SDP DAC / preamp which then drove straight into the power section of the Red King Amplifier. In true Studio Sound spirit, things were compact but great sounding and Ketsus speaker fitted well both in size and sound to the surroundings."

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