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poniedziałek, 29 października 2012

Vintage Top End is back! 1978 rules.

Finally Eryk S got Facebooked > Eryk S Concept on FB

And finally they have arrived. Fresh vintage so to speak. Specially redeveloped by Eryk S.

Inspired by polish Tonsil ZG80C115 model from 1978 - made during coop with Pioneer and Thomson.
This is pure classic made with tools available today for much better look. Want some?
All drivers were rebuilt from top to bottom. Only original components were applied.

Woofer - basket has been extra equipped with holes under the rear suspension for better cooling &
compresionless work of the unit. The motor consists of a specially developed in 1977 "Alnico 40" magnet with cooper Faraday's ring. High compliance front foam suspension has been choosen here. Paper classic cone, high stiffness type with outer folding. In the centre we can spot beautifull 10cm dust cap, hiding 50mm capton voice coil. Fs: 18Hz, Spl: 93dB. (unit code name: GDN 30/60)

Midrange - during R&D facotry has based - as a benchmark - on a superb, french Siara 18cm wide-bander. In the end they gained massive aluminium basket, 11cm ferrite magnet again with cooper, field stabilising, ring and cellulose membrane with 38.5 mm capton voice coil. (unit code name: GDM 18/40/1)

Highrange - 28mm phenolic dome tweeter. (unit code name: GDWK 9/80 or 9/40/3)

ALL these drivers have been measured in anechoic chamber. New optimal sound dividing crossover was also  prepared - do not ask about the whole processing time it took...

Cross points: 500Hz, 4,5kHz. Air type massive coils, foil and airtight paper in oil caps - great polish
components made during 75-82. All measured with 2% tolerance. Sure, some of you would mind, that red Janzten would be much better solution...OK, I don't mind if you say so ;)

Cabinet: 25mm thick walls, closed type 65L - here you kick-off from 35Hz bass. Black piano gloss front and mat  mahogany for neat appearance. This massive box, classic in proportions, sits on four black piano wood pylons (cross embraced), yelding over 45kg weight per speaker. Uff...

Super fast attack, plenty of power and deepness supports astonishing DDD detailed picture. And in the end of the day this one of a kind solid'n'classic design  makes you aware, that standards of today might not be exactly the top ones to follow blindly.

Again from Poland with passion!