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sobota, 10 listopada 2012

Eryk S Mineco speakers

Finally Eryk S got Facebooked > Eryk S Concept on FB

Don't they resamble IKEA or japan style?
Scandinavian eco modesty and ergonomic approach plus japan inspired Eryk S logo, all this engraved with hi-tech solutions developed in PL.

Don't be fooled by the small look, because Mineco uses top-tech fullrange driver available today, which covers whole 45Hz-20kHz music area with minimum linear distortions. The 30Watts of power handling capability and 87dB efficiency should be more then one can imagine from a box of 11x28x28cm size. The speaker's membrane is made from japan cellulose, weighting only 1 gram - you receive super fast response that way. Every detail hidden in the flow of music is fully rendered and served with loud impact if desired.

The MINECO is a rear bass-reflex design.
Its cabinet has been additionally dampened with special felt & bitumen mats.

The MINECO is Mini & Eco design, raw plywood cabinet super tuned with holographic sounding widebander. As an extra option this plywood can be also printed with whatever graphic you like - imagine this!

Do send me a message if you want a pair: eryk@eryksc.com