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czwartek, 6 grudnia 2012

BREAKING NEWS! ..... The Secret almost revealed.

Finally Eryk S got Facebooked > Eryk S Concept on FB

Mr. Eryk S will soon release new Concept speaker (with optional amp) that will be:
- elegant & modern in appeal,
- smart designed
- eco made,
- bargain priced,
- portable,
- and finally custom made in innovative way.

Just to give you an idea what designs we are capable of see Ketsus below:

Right here I put all passion for creating best sound fidelity around your head, your bedroom, your nice'n'tiny room or just in front of your www world!

One of many samples from R&D dep.

Now get prepared for high standard product, attractively priced, developed to satisfy also your eyes all the time.

Be patient cause I want you to ride thru the fresh Eryk S Shop without a doubt and limits :)
(For the transport issue inform us only when living beyond the Earth ;)

The Eryk S speaker would be also simple in construction to enable best quality components placed in it. After 20 years of research in home audio industry I strongly recommend walking this path:  

GO SIMPLE & DIRECT, but shape each single element perfectly! 
That way only you reveal all the effects stacked in music formula.

You'd rather prefer to choose your way?
Good thinking! But our custom design will be NOT choosing from few fancy colors - nothing to write home about. No, no.. Dear Friend, this product has much higher potential of creation at your hand. Details soon to be revealed.

COLABS, we are social, cause every one of us has unique concepts which should be shared worldwide. CREATE WITH US.

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