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sobota, 31 maja 2014

RED KING Premium on board!

This is RED KING premium - made in same premium finish as Suprioro set (white + piano ebony).

We have optimised dual power supply, which is totally separated for right & left channel and can work in all world's AC voltage standards.

The new bluetooth is on board - this newest BT 4.0 goes in lossless streaming fashion to cancel distortions in sound and this really works. It sounds as good as your best CD can do and needs no pin code.

Power transformers are double (cooper/steel) shielded to minimize hum.

The main wood boards are 20mm thick and covered in high gloss on both sides.

The circuit is executed in point to point, pcb and smd method - depens on temperature ratio, power due to current and function of each internal submodule.

We go with premium parts, WIMA, NICHICON, DALE and so on...

In this version we have also minimized the harmonic distortions, so finnally you get more for less (2 x 12 Watts in PSE ultra-linear mode. New output transformers).

Power, source selection and volume + mute are remote controlled.
Dimensions: 27 x 39 x 19cm / 15kg