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sobota, 10 listopada 2012

The Hipster's Hi Fi music set

Finally Eryk S got Facebooked > Eryk S Concept on FB

So this is what you need to stay trendy and at the same time be regarded as an open minded person.

You have to mix:
- eco,
- classic old-school,
- hi-tech innovatio
with some tasty style appearance to present final solution to your friends.

And here it goes, the Eryk S recipe:

- steal some old classic LP's from your daddy and collect some new ones to impress others with your music taste
 - buy vintage Sony's PS-Q direct drive, fully automatic turntable, from first Star Wars era. (This mini one already has built-in phono preamplifier).
 - order one of the newest discovery in true digital sound amplification - pocket size DIGIAMP capable of putting out 30Watts per channel with unbelievable quality. Austere champagne look and solid alu finish + Eryk S mods will help you to yeld permanent banana face!
- e-mail for MINECO super fullrange loudspeakers to get plenty of music and still plenty of room space

Paypal is also accepted if you would like to arrange similar set with my help.